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This Video of Queen Elizabeth Saying ‘Nah’ Has the Internet Going Wild



Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth may have a ton of royal rules and protocols for the family to follow (dress appropriately, always excuse yourself from the table, etc.), but that doesn’t mean she won’t bend a rule every once in a while, particularly regarding proper speech.


Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth


One TikTok user, arksteriff, recently discovered an old video of the 95-year-old monarch, during which she uses a slang term for the word “No.” In the clip, which was shot back in 2005, Her Majesty is sitting for an official portrait in honor of her 80th birthday. When the queen is asked if she is bothered by her aging, she casually answers, “Nah.”


Queen Elizabeth

Arksteriff shared the footage, which has since gone viral on the social media platform. “The Queen answering a question like every bloke in the UK,” arksteriff captioned the clip before adding, “Can’t get over the queen saying ‘Nah,’ [crying laughing face emoji].”



The video has received over 365 thousand likes and almost four thousand comments on the platform. And we can’t say we’re surprised, considering it is a very rare occasion that we see the monarch speaking so casually.

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth


While “Nah” may not be common in royal vocabulary, it isn’t forbidden. But there actually are a variety of words and phrases the family makes a point to ban from and should also never be used around them). And some of them are pretty surprising.


In addition to not being able to say the word “toilet,” the group must also avoid common terms such as “patio” and “lounge.” Who knew?


If you need us, we’ll be watching this clip on repeat.

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