Too Little Too Late? Paige Spiranac Finally Gathers Courage to Defend Lexi Thompson on Her Riot With Media

Paige Spiranac, golf’s own diva, is always ready to weigh in on events in the golf world. She goes into great detail about the game, its participants, and their personalities. The most unexpected development, though, was Spiranac’s complete lack of response to the Solheim Cup. She remained silent despite the demands of many fans for her to offer commentary on the games and players. But finally, Spiranac did speak, and it was about the LPGA and her ugly fiasco from Spain.

Lexi Thompson is a fine example of getting back on track after a career slump. 11 times, the LPGA title winner was not having a great time on the course this year. Her redemption, however, came at the prestigious Solheim Cup, where her performances shone. Even though the green links of Spain were in her favor, she also faced criticism when she refused to comment on her one shot. But now Spiranac is there to speak on her behalf.

Spiranac thinks people don’t realize the difficult “circumstances” for Thompson

To jog your memory, on the first day of Fourballs, Thompson was paired with Lilia Vu against Leona Maguire and Georgia Hall. On the 18th hole, Thompson tried to achieve an eagle and made a shot. Unfortunately, her ball rolled off the right side of her clubface and down the slope of the greens, causing them to lose. But Thompson’s lack of comment on the shot is what has been castigated by golf fans.

Golf Mommy has now come to her aid. On her podcast, Playing a Round with Paige, she talked about Thompson, her recent form, and everything. In all those, she also discussed the backlash Thompson faced during the biennial event. Spiranac discussed how Thompson might have come off as a little bit aggressive when she refused to comment.

Spiranac claimed that Thompson has always dealt with controversies and has always been in the spotlight. However, most people are unaware of how challenging it is to play when someone is constantly under the radar. ”Some people were saying that she came off as a little bit aggressive and a little bit snippy. And she has kind of dealt with some of these controversies throughout her entire career. Something that’s really interesting about Lexi Thompson is that I remember her growing up in the spotlight. And she has dealt with this her entire career. And I don’t think they’ll realize how difficult it is to play under those circumstances for such a long time,” said Spiranac.

When Thompson got the opportunity to play on the PGA Tour, Spiranac beamed with pride.

No one is more deserving than her

Thompson became the seventh player in golf history to participate in the PGA Tour after competing in the Shriners Children’s Open. This was a huge moment for all the LPGA players.

Spiranac asserted that the LPGA star is the only one who comes to mind as being more deserving. Thompson regained her footing in her career after several setbacks, and this chance gave her more self-assurance.

What do you think about Golf Mommy’s remarks on Spiranac’s Solheim Cup controversy? Let us know in the comments.


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