Trump breaks new record again

The embattled US President, Donald J Trump has once again broken a record by winning the highest amount of votes ever recorded in a presidential primaries.

Despite the fact that only 70% of the votes have been counted, Donald Trump has beaten all his predecessors by sweeping 120,000 votes, doubling that of his predecessor Barrack Obama who had barely 49,080 votes in 2012.

This only proves how prepared Donald Trump is for 2020, with his base more United than ever. It is the first time in Republican history that the party has been so United under one man.

Even Trump’s challenger Bill Weld decided not to make a statement, getting below 10% of the already announced votes.
The question remains if the Democrats can bring in a top candidate who can compete with Trump. For now, they seem to be bringing the homosexual Pete Buttigieg who is married to a man or the socialist old man Bernie Sanders.

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