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Try Not To Laugh As Sandra Bullock’s Interview With Kelly Clarkson Goes Majorly Off The Rails




It’s official: Daytime television would suck without Kelly Clarkson. It’s official: Daytime television would absolutely suck without Kelly Clarkson.



To appreciate exactly why the singer-turned-talk-show-host is inheriting Ellen DeGeneres’ coveted daytime TV slot, look no further than her gloriously unhinged sit-down with Sandra Bullock.



What began as a routine interview with the Oscar-winner about her upcoming and very serious Netflix drama “The Unforgiveable” quickly devolved into a full-blown giggle-fest, as Bullock jokingly accused Clarkson of calling her a “whore” and saying it’s “cool” that her parents are dead.



Sure, that sounds bad, but the two almost immediately hit it off after Bullock joked about voting for Clarkson’s competitor during her “American Idol” days. The segment then went fully off the rails when Clarkson asked whether Bullock’s children enjoy singing, as it apparently runs in the family.



“My daughter does. She has some pipes,” Bullock responded. “They say it skips a generation. My parents were opera singers. I cannot sing at all. My parents were singers, they’re both dead.”



“But they were singers though, OK, that’s cool,” Clarkson said, to which Bullock without hesitating shot back: “That they’re dead?”



“No! That they’re singers!” Clarkson exclaimed as the two erupted in laughter. “It’s so sad that they’re dead!” The pair continued to joke about the slip-up throughout the 10-minute clip, and barely made it through their talking points.



Eventually, Clarkson attempted to pivot to discussing holiday decorating before Bullock said she thought heard Clarkson call her a “whore.” The host actually said “or,” but the misunderstanding was enough to completely overwhelm the rest of the interview with laughter.



“It’s uncanny how close to my friends you are,” Clarkson said, which prompted Bullock to hit back: “Your friends are whores as well?” Despite Clarkson’s efforts to rescue the segment, Bullock wouldn’t relent.



“You’re trying to stay on point. The producers in your ear are like, ‘Segue to Christmas!’” Bullock said. “People have already purchased advertisement that is Christmas-themed. So, yes, I love Christmas, especially Christmas at Wayfair!”



“Because Wayfair, you’ve got just what I need,” Bullock joked, referencing Clarkson-branded goods sold on the home-furnishing site. “So, she’s happy my parents died. I was called a whore … She competes with you. This is like an ego-driven show for you!”


Kelly Clarkson
“This is a great interview,” Clarkson responded through fits of laughter. “This is your favorite interview.”



When Clarkson abruptly suggested the two play a game instead of continuing the awkward back and forth, Bullock let one more crack fly.



“Your segues are like sharp left turns,” she said, bringing the segment ― mercifully for Clarkson, but unfortunately for the rest of us ― to an end.

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