Unknown facts about United State you most know

Americans like personal space ( it’s evident)

• Cows have actually outnumbered humans in certain states (state of Nebraska, which is quite absurd)

• The abolishment of slavery and segregation does not necessarily deplete racism.

• There is no official language, nonetheless, English is a de facto primarily spoken one

• Hawaii and Arizona don’t observe daylight saving hours

• Alaska was once part of Russia until the annexation (1867), « Why would Russia sell it ? Because Russia was in debt from the Crimean War, when the Russian empire lost its alliance to the Ottoman Empire

but why did Russia get to war? Mainly due to Russia’s forsees expansion in the Danube region (modern day Romania) so the Turkish went to war with them (Turkey originally controlled it), the British and French joined… it’s complicated— Treaty of Paris signed

•You must be decease to be on an American currency

• The tallest president was Abraham Lincoln and learnt to read himself

• The Empire State Building has its own zip code- literally

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