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‘Utterly disgusting!’ Britons furious as heartbroken Prince George mocked by Scot fans



BRITONS have shared their fury after Prince George was mocked by cruel Scottish football fans for looking heartbroken when England lost the Euro 2020 final against Italy.

The seven-year-old royal delighted fans as he jumped for joy in celebration of England’s early goal while watching the historic match at Wembley with his parents the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

However, his excitement soon soured when the Three Lions eventually lost 3-2 to Italy in a penalty shootout.

Many pictures were shared online of the prince looking sad as England were cruelly beaten, which prompted a number of Scottish fans to revel in his despair.

One person wrote: “Need to grow up. Why would any adult try to belittle a child?”Another added: “Utterly disgusting. This is a seven-year-old child.”

And a third reader tried to show George he had plenty of support behind him.

They said: “Prince George, you are one of us football fans and I’m sorry you are getting an introduction to the nasty side of being a fan by being mentioned this way.

“If you by some chance read this comment years from now, your support in 2021 meant a lot!”

The comments come after the Daily Mail’s royal editor Rebecca English posted five photos of George looking tense during the penalties.

She also added a caption that said: “Prince George sums up the mood of the nation #penalties #Euro2020Final #ENGITA.”

One person replied to the pictures of an emotional George by writing: “Doesn’t sum of the feeling in Scotland.

“And this royal turnout is supposed to make Scotland want to stay in the union? Absolutely not.”

Another user said: “Hahahahahaahahahaha hope the little twerp cries into his tie.”

A third wrote: “WAHAHAHAHAHHA ITALYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.”Scotland played England in the group stages of the tournament.

However, neither side managed to score.

Scotland was then knocked out of the Euros in the group stage.

George’s father William also shared his “heartbreak” after the game.

But the future king, who is President of the FA, also urged the England players to “hold your heads high”.In a tweet from the Kensington Royal account, signed W, William also congratulated the Italian football team on their win.

He wrote: “Heartbreaking. Congratulations Azzurri on a great victory.

“England, you’ve all come so far, but sadly this time it wasn’t our day.

“You can all hold your heads high, and be so proud of yourselves – I know there’s more to

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