Vanessa Bryant I never attempted sucide over my husband death

The news that the father and daughter had crashed into the fuselage was definitely a huge blow to the 37-year-old Vani. Within a day, she lost her husband and daughter, and no one could afford it.

And the strong Vanessa, after three days of silence, still spoke at INS, expressing her miss for Kobe and Jaina. At the same time, the kind Kobe decided to establish a foundation to help families like tragic accidents to get out difficult.

It can be said that Vanessa’s love and strength after Kobe’s death kept her moving forward. However, just after Kobe suffered a plane crash, some US netizens maliciously made rumors and fabricated false news that Kobe’s widow, Vanessa, committed suicide.

Even in order to pursue the effect of “scratching truth with falsehood,” the P picture was deliberately marked with the watermark of the authoritative media “BBC”. The first time this fake news was exposed, it actually deceived some netizens. However, after the truth was broken, countless People feel angry and express dissatisfaction!

At that time, on the foreign social platform Facebook, a screenshot of the news bearing the BBC logo read “Vanessa Bryant, rest in peace, 1982-2020.” And the article information described that Vanessa was overly sad because of her grief. Choose suicide.

Many people even took it seriously and were taken aback by the fact that such screenshots of real news were exploded on foreign social platforms in an instant.
In particular, the watermark of BBC News has further strengthened the authenticity of this news. However, there is no such thing as Vanessa’s death.

Not only that, during this period, Vanessa updated the INS dynamics many times, and the dynamic content was all related to the Kobe plane crash. Although Vanessa is still very sad now, she is slowly adjusting for her three daughters.

It can be said that this kind of malicious slander of Kobe’s family and the rumor that Vanessa committed suicide is way out of the line. And the strong Vanessa, the best counterattack is to have a good life in the rest of her life!

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