Verstappen insider in EMBARRASSING admission about F1 champion

Scanes has recently departed his role alongside the three-time world champion due to the demanding travel schedule that is associated with being involved in the sport.

He had been Verstappen’s trainer since 2019, overseeing all three of the dominant Dutchman’s successes in F1.

However, the Brit has now made an admission about how he first got the role with Verstappen, who went on to become a good friend during the pair’s time together.

Verstappen trainer’s lack of knowledge

Scanes had to do a significant amount of research before starting the job, frantically Googling various aspects of F1, having not paid attention to the sport at all beforehand.

“Before I started working with Max, I didn’t really know anything about motorsport and Formula 1. I didn’t even know who Max Verstappen was,” Scanes told The Red Flags podcast.

“I googled a lot to read myself in, to keep track of everything. I knew Hamilton was successful, but that was about all. The first F1 race I watched was in the Red Bull garage with the mechanics.

“In December 2019, I met Max and in the second week of January, I started working with him. In the meantime, all of December, I watched and read everything loose and loose about F1. Everything I could think of.”


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