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Watch how Kate Beckinsale Dressed As A Sexy Poodle Battling A House Cat



Kate Beckinsale


Kate Beckinsale is no stranger to social media, often posting some odds and ends around her life that gives fans a bit of insight into what’s going on with the actress. But this latest foray into Instagram might be her oddest addition yet. It seems she had a specific way to test whether or not getting a poodle was the right decision for her family and her other pets. You might think she brought in a friend’s pet to test something out, but no, she took it one step further. And the results are more than a little weird.\



Dressed in an outfit most people couldn’t pull off in a million years of working out, Kate Beckinsale didn’t want you to be distracted by the tube top and Scottish printed pants. That’s because the real addition to the look is the very realistic poodle mask she’s wearing with it. And to really get into “character” Beckinsale gets on all fours and pretends to be the dog to her pet cat. With almost any other background or context this could be the setting and behavior exhibited in a horror movie, but it lands just outside the fully creepy zone.

Kate Beckinsale


Whacky, right? With more than 2.3 million views already on Instagram, this Kate Beckinsale video is making its rounds around the social media platform. With just the right blend of fame, weirdness, and fashion, it’s easy to see why it’s gone more than a little viral. And though the cat clearly wasn’t enamored with the goings-on when it comes to its owner donning a poodle mask and taunting it a bit, fans seem to like what they are seeing.



As for Kate Beckinsale when she’s not wearing a dog mask around the house, the actress has been ramping up the work of late on the big and small screen. She had a surprise release of an action movie last year with Jolt on Amazon. The film followed her character Lindy who suffers from an intermittent explosive disorder that has her unable to manage certain interactions without them turning a bit violent. Some of that comes in handy though when she gets on the case of how her boyfriend ended up murdered. Critics weren’t enamored with the film, scoring it 41% on Rotten Tomatoes, but in terms of a crowd-pleasing action flick, Beckinsale mostly delivers here. She also starred in Paramount+’s Guilty Party.

Kate Beckinsale


And Kate Beckinsale has some more work coming on the horizon. She’s set to star in Guilty Party, a film written and directed by Charlie Day. It will feature an all-star cast of Adrian Brody, Jason Sudeikis, John Malkovich, Travis Fimmel, Glenn Howerton, Ray Liotta, Edie Falco, and many more. And then there is Prisoner’s Daughter by director Catherine Hardwick which will have Beckinsale in the lead as a daughter whose father has just been released from prison and is looking to reconnect with his family. Let’s see if she gets the poodle mask off before all of that.

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