Who Is Paige Spiranac’s Older Sister, Lexie? Meet the ‘Extremely Smart’ Sibling Who the American Diva Is Secretly Envious Of!

Paige Spiranac likes attention a lot. She can also turn that attention into a fan following and build a community of fans for herself. Which, in fact, she has already done. However, her sister is quite the opposite.

Lexie (Spiranac) Mitchell is Paige’s sister, and she even has her Instagram profile locked. The profile picture shows her holding her two kids. The siblings recently co-wrote a children’s book that they are promoting of late. We thought this might be a good time to discuss Lexie Mitchell and the things we know about her. Hop in!

The Spiranac family

Paige and Lexie come from an energetic and sports-loving family. Their father, Dan, was a footballer and their mother, Annette, was a professional ballerina. The sisters are about five years apart in age, with Lexie being the elder sister.

Dan Spiranac wanted her daughters to become pro golfers at some point. Although both of them made an attempt, Lexie gave up on golf almost as soon as she began. Paige stuck around for quite a while and then carved a different niche for herself later.

Since Paige had to move to Arizona for her transition from gymnastics to golf, their mom moved with her as well. Lexie had her own school life going on, and she stayed in Colorado with their dad.

The sisters once mentioned in Paige’s podcast that since they were separated, people often asked them if their parents were separated. This apparently annoyed the sisters a lot. But even before this, it sounds like the sisters didn’t have a normal childhood.

Lexie (Spiranac) Mitchell’s childhood

The Spiranac siblings had an unconventional childhood, as they describe it. Paige started off by clarifying that her own childhood was quite weird, while Lexie’s was more normal. Lexie interrupted her and corrected her that her childhood became weird because Paige’s childhood was weird. The two shared a couple of awkward laughs and moved on.

They also spoke about how they were jealous of each other. Paige was jealous of her sister because she was taller and stronger than her. “I think I was jealous of you. Because dad pretty much raised you. You had a lot more freedom than I had.”

Lexie apparently played volleyball and basketball in school. The sisters agreed Lexie was the nerdier sibling among the two. Since the two lived away from each other, they slowly drifted apart.

The phase when the sisters weren’t getting along

It was probably around the time when Lexie was in college, when she seemingly had everything together, while Paige didn’t. This worried their parents, and their attempts to fix things sort of sparked a competitive rivalry among the sisters. They admitted that the two of them didn’t interact with each other for a rather long time.

During the recollection of their memories from this time, Paige accidentally said “my parents” and the two had a big laugh about it. She corrected herself and said “our parents” and proceeded with the episode.

Speaking of the time when Lexie was in college, she said she was highly encouraged to pursue heptathlon challenges by her college coach. However, she didn’t vibe well with her coach. She also found it overwhelming to run competitively and to drop out after pursuing it for a year.

Lexie Mitchell’s career as a communication specialist


Lexie graduated in BA Communication and Media Studies from the prestigious Stanford University. Notably, she won the Standford Award of Excellence during that time. Unlike many of us, she has stuck to her field of study and built a career out of it.

In her public profiles, Lexie Mitchell identifies herself as a freelance writer and content consultant. She specializes in personal branding and up-scaling small businesses. She iterates her entrepreneurial spirit strongly in her profiles.

The Colorado School of Mines occupies a lot of space in her resume, where she has been an Assistant Director for two different programs between the period from 2017 to 2019.

Apart from writing her own stuff, Lexie pulled her sister into the craft as well.

Spiranac sisters turn authors for the first time

Lexie Mitchell and Paige Spiranac have recently written a children’s book titled “Hattie Goes Golfing.” The book’s cover shows a baby bear carrying a bag of clubs walking inside a golf course. Well, it looked like a cute little bear, but then we can’t really be sure though.

From the looks of it, one would sort of imagine “Hattie” being based on the younger sister. However, from what Lexie wrote about the book on a social media post, maybe the experiences of both sisters have gone into the character.

She wrote, “Fear of failure and acceptance has been a personal struggle of mine, and I’m sure many of you can relate, whether you’re a golfer or not.”

The book seems to be about encouraging kids to pursue sports, especially golf. However, the main theme of the book, as Lexie describes it herself, is to teach children how important it is to listen to their hearts.

Before we conclude, let’s quickly take a glimpse at Lexie Mitchell’s married life.

The Mitchell Family

Lexie is married to Josh Mitchell and the couple has two kids. Speaking of her babies, Lexie mentioned that although she was a baby person, the pregnancy and the early motherhood were hard on her.

Addressing her husband’s help, she fondly said that while he was trying his best to be supportive, it didn’t ease things for her much. The couple live in Colorado, where Lexie grew up.

In case you are looking for more information on the sisters, there is probably more about them in the episode ‘Hot Sister’ from Paige Spiranac’s podcast “Playing a Round with Paige”. It’s alright. You can thank us in the comments!


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