Will Paige Spiranac Bid Goodbye to Fame? The ‘OG Golf Girl’ Finally Admits Her True Desires in a Candid Confession

Will Paige Spiranac Bid Goodbye to Fame? The ‘OG Golf Girl’ Finally Admits Her True Desires in a Candid Confession

Paige Spiranac has clarified that her golfing days are a thing of the past. She picks up her clubs from time to time, not to compete though. The former golfer had cushioned her transition into content creation, through her familiarity with the sport

With recent brand associations, the social media star is progressing quickly in her business, though. She bags sponsorship deals like they are outfits in her wardrobe. At this rate, she may not even need to stay associated with the golf world for her career. Will she be moving away from golf further? Is that what her recent discussion on her podcast hints at?

Golf Goddess contemplates her future

Paige Spiranac discussed her business in the recent episode of her podcast “Playing a Round with Paige.” She spoke about how there are many who tune out when she gets into the details of her work. But she also said that she has been finding people who are interested in discussing her business.
She explained how her business is based on the events and sponsorships that come her way. Spiranac emphasized the events where she is an ambassador and said there were tons of them coming up. She also mentioned her social work and the charities that she is giving back to.

Moving on to her future, she admitted she didn’t know what her next two decades look like. But she sounded sure about her focus on the charitable component. She said she specifically cared about Junior Golf, out of gratitude for her own growth.
The golf goddess particularly mentioned AJGA, the American Junior Golf Association.

Charities aside, will the golf goddess move away from creating golf-centric content? That’s the big question. Her identity as a former golfer has created a strong bond with the sport, and she knows the golf scene in and out.

However, will she continue with golf-related collaborations or will she move away from the sport gradually?

What does the future hold for Paige Spiranac?

Looking back at the past few months of her journey, the OG Golf girl has been quite busy with non-golf content. She talked about the Ryder Cup before and after it happened. However, she didn’t really break her silence about the Solheim Cup. She keeps mum about practically all LPGA events, in fact.
What kept her busy then? She had completed her photoshoot for her Halloween month celebration. It involves one costume for each day of October. Her “sexy Velma” outfit broke the internet as soon as it came up online.

She recently launched her calendar for 2024, with pictures from her earlier photoshoot. Pre-orders and demand for the calendar are unimaginable. With many other streams to earn from, it is possible that she might step away from golf at one point. However, that is something only time will tell!


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