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Wow!Pretty kate Beckinsale shocked her fans in a nice pose on instagram with her killer shape at 48 .



kate beckinsale


Kate Beckinsale is looking oh-so-fit in her latest Instagram post.In the snap, the 48-year-old star is posing by her washer-dryer and wearing an amazing tulle gown that totally accentuates her long and sculpted legs. Wow, just wow!



Kate, who is big into all things fitness, works out at least six days a week and focuses on strength training—plus yogaStars: They’re just like us. When that laundry piles up, they have to tackle it. And Kate Beckinsale just turned this mundane task into a high fashion photoshoot in a new Instagram pic.

kate beckinsale



How? Well, the 48-year-old actress wore a gorgeous Yanina Couture tulle gown in her laundry room—and wow, her super-toned legs are beyond fit.”Always good to complete at least a woolen cycle before leaving the house,” she captioned the pic.



And she got some love from her followrs. Paris Hilton commented, “😍” while musician and entrepreneur QuestLove left her pic, “⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.” And shoe designer Patrick Cox commented, “Sit and Spin! 🌀🌀🌀.”


kate beckinsale
Besides chores, Kate clearly gets active in the gym. Last year, she posted a video of one of her hardcore workouts that included hanging leg raises and battle rope work, followed by an intense stretch session with trainer Brad Siskind, who works at Gunnar Peterson’s gym. She told Women’s Health that she works out at least six mornings a week with Siskind.



And he’s also put her through an intense kickboxing sesh.“The whole hour is work,” he told WH. And Peterson told Us Weekly that Kate is “definitely up there among my hardest workers. I mean every single day is push, push, push.”



Kate shared her entire workout with Siskind with WH, which starts with a full-body workout composed of eight compound exercises that each work two muscle groups simultaneously—such as a biceps curl as she squats or situps with combination punches.


kate beckinsale

After the set, she’ll do 90 to 120 seconds of a cardio interval, like rowing or the VersaClimber. Then she’ll do the eight exercises again—this time with heavier weights, added bands, or faster reps. After the 45 minutes it takes to complete both circuits, she’ll finish with a cardio interval using a rubber Inertia Wave, or one-leg pushes on a curved SkillMill treadmill. (PHEW!)



As for her diet, she told WH that she eats protein, usually chicken or eggs with grass-fed butter. And the rest of the day she likes salads with radishes, brussels sprouts, and safflower oil; salmon; and the occasional handful of potato chips. And she also treats herself…with fries.

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