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WTF! Kate Beckinsale Turned Down This Classic Film After An Inappropriate Conversation With The Director



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Kate was uncomfortable with a phone conversation the two of them had when she was offered the part.Fans seem to have a lot of opinions about what are the best and worst movies in Kate Beckinsale’s filmography. Of course, the British star is probably best known for her Underworld movies… Well, that and for her dating life including her brief stint with Pete Davidson.



Still, Kate’s career is what fans should be focused on the most. But her career could’ve been much more impressive had she taken one movie in particular… A movie that made the careers of both of its leading stars.Funnily enough, Kate doesn’t regret turning down the classic romance flick. That’s because she rejected it for a very good, yet very personal, reason. And that came to a head when she had a deeply uncomfortable conversation with the film’s director. Here’s what was said and what that movie was…


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During an eye-opening interview on The Howard Stern Show in October 2021, Kate revealed a lot of information that made headlines. For one, she got in trouble for mentioning her high IQ and how it hurt her career, but she also made the press for discussing her true relationship with the disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein. Additionally, Kate was incredibly honest about the movies she’s turned down and a very uncomfortable conversation that caused her to refuse a role in a beloved romance film.



“You said you’d be offered movies and turned them down. Is that a freaky thing?” Howard asked Kate. “Because when you’re an actress and your dream is, ‘Oh my god, one day maybe I’ll be a leading lady.'”So much needs to go right to be able to have a successful career as an actor in Hollywood. So the idea of turning a movie down is somewhat terrifying as it could be like tossing away your big break. At least, this is what Howard thought and wondered if Kate felt the same way.


Of course, Kate became fairly successful early on in her career, but achieving a leading lady position was terribly hard. After all, there are only a few actors in Hollywood who become a true ‘leading man’ or ‘leading lady’. Turning down a single role could mean staying in one position in Hollywood forever instead of becoming an absolute superstar. But Kate claimed that she was never really concerned with all of this.



“I didn’t ever thing like that. I came from this very literary educational background and just was like, ‘Oh, I don’t like this script’. So, it doesn’t matter to me if it then becomes a big hit movie,” Kate told Howard.
This is when Howard asked Kate to name a movie that she turned down that then went on to become a big hit.


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“I turned down The Notebook,” Kate said, referring to Rachel McAdams’ part across from Ryan Gosling in the absolutely massive romantic Nicholas Sparks adaptation.”Oh no! The Notebook!?” Howard gasped. “Why!?”

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