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Yes To Hollywood: Kelly Clarkson Goes From Waitress To Idol To $45 Million Icon.



Kelly Clarkson is one of the biggest names in music and has continued to be America’s favorite rising star. Starting off as a new contestant on the very first American Idol, she has made her way through the music industry to become an international mega sensation.



She has released an unprecedented number of hit songs, and has truly evolved in front of the world to become one of the most famous, beloved faces to her millions of followers across the globe. Stylecaster reports that things haven’t always been this lucrative and successful for Clarkson.

In fact, she’s a true rags to richest story, and her life’s journey tells the tale of how a waitress became a multi-millionaire, and had a whole lot of fun pursuing her passion along the way.


One of the most endearing qualities that Kelly Clarkson possesses is her humble, down-to-earth nature. In spite of her success and incredible launch to fame, she has never forgotten where she came from, and she really didn’t come from very much.

Clarkson had very humble beginnings. In fact, Stylecaster reports that at the time of her American Idol audition, she had very little in life. They quote her as saying; “I had nothing to my name,” she said. “Literally, I had to make that top to go to this audition. I had like no clothes, no nothing.”


Prior to her audition, Clarkson had received a number of music scholarships for colleges in her area, but she was not interested in going to school without having a solid direction to move towards or career path in place.

She was driven by the necessity to earn enough money to simply make ends meet, and took on odd jobs just to get by.

She worked as an entertainer at Six Flags, and even took on a job at Subway.She had her eyes on trying to do background vocals for someone to get her name out there in the world of music, and decided on a whim to just move to LA in pursuit of her musical dreams.


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Without much to lose she decided that if she wanted to attend school there would always be a time to go back and do that later in life.

She took on jobs as a cocktail waitress at a comedy club and worked at Papa John’s as well. Driven by the pressure of finding any type of work to just pay for her most immediate needs and utilities, Clarkson threw her name in the mix and tried her luck at an audition for an upcoming singing show called American Idol.

The show had not yet launched or seen any success and nobody knew if the winner of the show would even be truly launched into stardom at all. This gamble proved to be the one that changed every part of her life.

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